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Luna Castilho is a Registered Yoga Teacher, Certified Breath work, Pranayama teacher, Sound Healer, Certified Personal Trainer (NASM), Group Fitness (AFAA), Nutrition Coach and Indoor Cycling.

She did her yoga trainings at Pure Yoga and Prema Yoga Institute, giving her a background in Vinyasa with roots Ashtanga and Iyengar alignment, as well as Hatha yoga practice, philosophy and pranayama techniques.

On her strength classes and personal training sessions expect tons mobility, plyometrics, calisthenics, weights, kettlebells, power moves and maximal strength.

Whether you are looking to build muscle, move better, just tone up, low or high impact, She has something for you.

On her private yoga classes or personal training, She will work together with you to tailor a plan that work for your goals and needs.


Luna grew up in a small beach town close to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where she grew up surrounded by nature, hiking mountains barefoot, going to the beach, surfing, exploring the jungles and playing all sorts of outdoor sports.


For nearly 20 years in the Fashion industry working as a fashion model, she spent most of her life trying to constantly adhere to a certain “beauty standard” set forward by the fashion industry. Unhappy with how she felt, she discovered her life’s purpose: to help others embrace their body and find their power within.


Practicing yoga for many years she started as a strength coach, but she found in yoga an opportunity to unite the physical and the spiritual practices. She considers yoga an opportunity to heal, connect and remember our strength  within.


When taking classes with her, you can expect powerful flows combined by mindful contemplations and grounding experiences, as well as somatic release, working the body, mind, soul and spirit.



My purpose is to help you find you power within.


Private, Corporate Events, Group Fitness and Events:

Breath work & Meditation 

Yin Yoga & Sound Bath

Sound Bath

Vinyasa, Hatha, Restorative and Power Yoga 

Personal Training 

Group Fitness (HIIT, Strength, Sculpt, Body weight)

Indoor Cycling


"Luna had such a calming and trusting prescience. I felt at ease throughout my practice. I cannot recommend any of Luna's class enough. If you enjoy yoga not only for the physical benefits but the mental and spiritual benefits then Luna is the instructor for you."
"Luna is genuinely the best instructor have ever had"
"Amazing energy. Silly light hearted which people in nyc need"
"Luna is a breath of fresh air."
"Luna is simply the best yoga teacher I've ever had 💛🌻"
"It is life changing !"

Kathy Leake, NY

"Luna is amazing. She is what you want your Yoga instructor to be - experienced, kind, accepting. I am fairly new to Yoga, have had knee surgery so I can't do everything. lam here to expand my exercise regimen beyond what I typically do. Yoga studios can be intimidating to those of us newbies.
However, at Sui Yoga & special thanks to Luna
- I am treated with a welcoming and open vibe that will keep me coming back."

Mathew Parker, NY

"Absolutely amazing. Luna helps heal your soul."


"Exactly what I’ve been looking for- a spiritual as well as physical practice that is challenging but welcoming. I am so grateful to have found this beautiful practice. Luna is fantastic and it is just a matter of time before everyone catches on and it’s impossible to book a spot in her classes." 
"Luna was amazing, empathetic, instructive, loving and attentive!"
"Class with Luna is 10/10 every time."
"Luna’s classes are my favorite, hands down!!"
"Luna was great, very friendly and informative. Her flow was fun and innovative. Definitely recommend"
"One of my favorite yoga experiences to date"
"Absolute love Luna and the energy she brings. She makes adjustments when necessary and guides the class with her beautiful and calming voice. Very hard to come by such a great teacher"
"Luna is the best as always"
"Very much enjoyed this class - didn't know what to expect and was intimidated with the amount of people at first, but Luna was kind, passionate, and I was able to let go which I normally have a hard time doing."

Delaney Kelly, NY

"Luna is a fabulous teacher. She has a radiance and warmth to her while she teaches. The energy she brings helps students challenge themselves and find their edge while still creating a safe space to ground and re-center."


"Luna have this amazing energy and a well structured class! I love it"
"Luna is amazing! Her class was intense, relaxing, and fun at the same time."

"An incredible experience. Luna is amazing."
"Luna led an excellent, rigorous class that utilized all the senses and made for a very enjoyable practice. It was wild and fun, by the end I felt like a frog on a Lilly pad—in the best way! Will definitely return."
"Luna is my favorite yoga instructor ever! So much good energy in all of her classes, I worked up quite a sweat!"
"Absolute love Luna and the energy she brings. She makes adjustments when necessary and guides the class with her beautiful and calming voice. Very hard to come by such a great teacher."
"Incredible instructor was so kind, warm, and helpful! One of the best yoga classes I've ever taken!"
"Special class at a special yoga studio! Love Luna's sequencing. Perfect blend of athletic flow and yoga groove in a stunningly beautiful and calm environment. what it means to be genuinely genuine. A gem!!”

Holly Chen, NY

"Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be taught by an åactual angel? Because that could be your reality here!! Luna is a
*goddess.* She is the embodiment of yoga in that she is a perfect balance of fitness and spirituality. I love that she themes her classes to help you find an external purpose but also offering the option to just do what fits your needs that day/season. She is welcoming to all levels of students and focuses on creating a smooth flowing practice that will leave you feeling physically and emotionally balanced. After a long hiatus from practicing and teaching yoga, one class with Luna has inspired me to prioritize daily practice again!"

Tammy Crosby, NY

"In a city filled with great yoga studios and great instructors, this one really stands out.
Luna was one of the best yoga instructors I've had in all of Manhattan. Highly, highly recommend her class"

Jenae S., NY

"Amazing class with Luna!!! The calmest and most at peace I feel all day is in class with her."

Victor Cotto, NY

Sui Deep was phenomenal with Luna C. Expertly crafted class, incredibly tone setting voice, masterful chanting/opening call and response along with deep long holds that progressively complemented each pose into a relaxing and gratifying finish. A must whether you're a beginner or a forever practitioner.

Irene S., NY

"Luna is an exceptional teacher who clearly has a deep passion for yoga and a wealth of knowledge to share. Her guidance throughout the class was both supportive and challenging, and she created a safe space for us to explore our bodies and our practice"

Juan Brea, NY

"Luna is an amazing yoga instructor! Cool, Calm & caring. Love her class!"

Margaux Sajous, NY

"Wonderful class. Beautiful energy. Exactly what I needed
Thank you Luna!"


"Luna is an exceptional teacher who clearly has a deep passion for yoga and a wealth of knowledge to share. Her guidance throughout the class was both supportive and challenging, and she created a safe space for us to explore our bodies and our practice"
"This yoga class was a true experience. The way the sound bath is integrated in to the flow and the very insightful verbal guidance made this class a breeze to just jump into for an hour away from busy life. Connecting with our breath and body in such a deep way, with so many other souls who came to do the same. The instructor is fantastic. I could go on but overall, I highly recommend this class. "

Yoga Retreats

Find the quiet power to restore, the strength to transform, and the serenity to thrive within the stillness of a yoga retreat. It’s not just a break – it’s a journey to awaken your inner resilience and embrace the harmony of mind, body, and soul.

“The Fire Within Retreat was a life-changing experience, where I found strength in silence, discovered the beauty of vulnerability, and embraced profound self-discovery. Grateful for the whispers of transformation that reshaped my life.” – Sofia

Retreat the Fire Within 

Rincon, Puerto Rico

End of summer is the perfect time to slow down and tune in. This six-day retreat will give you the space and time to reconnect with yourself and renew your inner fire. Nourishing food, daily practice, nature walks, Caribbean swims, and sunsets will make it natural to come home to yourself!

6 days in Rincon, Puerto Rico

2 yoga classes a day, breath work, meditation, surfing, sun, beach a lovely Ayurvedic food.

Wild Heart Retreat

Tulum, Mexico

A call to gather in the shared desire

to awaken our natural essence


In reconnecting to the earth in the Mayan jungle and by the Caribbean sea, sharing our inherited skills, our intention is to further the evolution of our collective highest wisdom.


With daily yoga, meditation, breathwork, journaling, rituals, feasting and more, we send out a primal call to join in these meaningful

7 days of adventure and relaxation.

Vila dos Pescadores, Tulum, Mexico

March 31st - April 6